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The Truth

It is at the point of prostration that the 

doorway of Heaven opens. 

My lovers are taking the reins of 

my soul and directing me to what they know. 

The sea of the heart parts

not only when there’s faith, but when there’s 

a realization of Truth. 

The truth that 

the lover is the Loved; 

the listener is the 


That every fallen leaf is new Life. 

In the name of every moment that 

a heart fell in Love, I love you. 

The Decision

In the radiance of your eyes, I became introduced to God. 

Whatever happened to being lost and confused? 

The only direction to the Heart is the 

remembrance of Love. A state of realization

that defines the curvature of every Being.


I found Love and died. For I realized that 

even the breath was You.


The world casts surrender and subordination as weak.

But, it is the most courageous 

decision a human can make. 

A decision to die is the doorway to 


In the Name of Love

The sweetness of your soul kisses my being. 

I am a lover, a crazy one that finds

his caress from the Hand of the Caresser. 


The one who is melted away into

the roots of the Earth, finding home in 

all Beings. 

I didn’t know we fell in love so often. 

I thought falling in love was a one-time event. 


But, you taught me that to live is to 

learn how to constantly fall in love. Throughout all life. 

In love with my Lover.

Sweet Lips

Sweet, soft Lips define the breath of Being.

It's Freedom.

But, the slave master of desire suffocates.

It chokes the ink in the pen.

The voice in the weak.

The fragrance of love.

Yet, one only needs to remember that the heart's illumination starts in the well of Joseph.

It seems dark, but it reveals Reality.

The Reality that every desire is really a thirst for the sweet, soft Lips of Freedom.

The Blossom


In the blossom of your eyes lies the Name of God.

When Jesus (PBUH) preached, he was praying for this Moment.

When Muhammad (PBUH) proclaimed the Message, he was supplicating for this Moment.

This Moment where my being loses all consciousness in the Splendor of Your Light.

Beloved, have mercy for You may just extinguish my entire existence with that Glance.


In the whisper of Your voice, I am suspended in time.

Who thought a simple whisper could melt my being?

The point of prostration starts with Your whisper.

I am no more. I am You.

No Time

My heart has melted into the sweetness of Your Lips.

There is no time.

There are only moments.

And, in every moment, I am lost because who knows if I am You.

Or You are Me.


The fragrance of Your Being enraptures my soul.

There is no love, but Love.

The wind of Fate carries us to where we have always been.

We are baby Moses traversing a tumultuous sea of passions and whims. 

For the persevering, there comes Peace and the Embrace of the Beloved. 

Love was Created

Love was created to destroy.

To destroy the idols that reside in the palace of the heart.

Love was created to intoxicate the king.

So much so that in a crazy, drunken dance all the idols are knocked over.

And crushed to pieces.


I look into your Eyes...

Warm kisses. Ticklish laughs.

Light punches. Unbreakable embraces.

soul-like whispers. melting touches.

Enlightened breaths.


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