Sohale Sizar

Sohale, sometimes spelled as, "Sohayle," is the founder of illume. For the past decade, he has been building technology to empower individuals to grow and feel loved. He founded four education-focused ventures—including the Bring on the Books Foundation—in the mobile space, impacting the lives of over 1M users. Sohale has also worked with Fortune 500 companies such as NBC Universal and Hallmark on digital product strategy and launch.


In 2016, Sohale released a solo violin album on Spotify and iTunes called, “Sweet Lips,” which is dedicated to those who thirst for the sweet lips of Freedom.


Sohale's written work is focused on human flourishing and technology. He has published academic research, poetry, and opinion pieces for a variety of publications including Columbia University’s Journal of Politics and Society, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Huffington Post, and Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs PPIA program.


Sohale received his MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Previously, he studied Government at Georgetown University and graduated magna cum laude in addition to Phi Beta Kappa and Honors with Distinction. He is also a 2014 Ariane de Rothschild Fellow at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and a 2013 PPIA Fellow at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.